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The best in urban recreation, arts and culture, sports, dining and shopping is just outside our front doors in downtown Seattle. Outdoor activities abound both in and around the city, including biking, hiking, skiing, boating and whale watching and many more. Seattle is a city with a strong culture of the arts, offering symphony, opera, ballet and professional theatre.

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A thriving music scene exists here, with local and national acts playing in small clubs and major event venues. Seattle also hosts national sports teams, including football, baseball, soccer and women’s basketball.

The city offers an array of annual events that are locally and nationally appealing, drawing huge crowds year after year. The Boat Show, Bite of Seattle, Seafair Festival, Pride Parade, Bumbershoot music festival, Northwest Folklife Festival and numerous film festivals are a tribute to Seattle’s cultural diversity.

Foodies and casual diners alike will delight in Seattle’s culinary offerings. Waterfront dining, informal bistros, historic restaurants, stall vendors at Pike Place Market and the mobile truck trend have all contributed to a city known for excellent cuisine and memorable dining experiences. Award-winning chefs and restaurants abound in each of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle! You may find the following resources helpful as you plan your stay.

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Burrito Loco

9211 Holman Rd NW, Seattle, WA 98117 206-783-0719

Description: UNIVERSITY DISTRICT. Ask most anybody where you can find Seattle's best burritos, and they'll likely point you in the direction of this cozy gem. Sporting traditional "restaurante" style ­ multi-hued walls of pink, yellow and blue, themed murals and festive decor ­ Burrito Loco offers up fabulous homemade Mexican dishes. At lunch and dinner, locals flock here to sample such favorites as shrimp and pork tacos, but Loco's true star is its chicken enchilada, which arrives covered in one of their spicy special sauces. Best of all, prices are more than reasonable.
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Chinoise Café

12 Boston St, Seattle, WA 98109 206-284-6671

Description: QUEEN ANNE. Situation: you're craving sushi, your friends are clamoring for lo mein, moo shu pork, and pad thai. Solution: Chinoise Café. This Pan-Asian restaurant ignored the usual "one-cuisine" rule, and subsequently built up quite a following for itself. With nary a bad choice on the menu, you really can't go wrong, but favorites include sushi and sashimi dinners, tamarind basil seafood, and anything with Thai garlic sauce. Service is efficient and friendly, and there is a good selection of wine and sake.
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Dick's Drive-In

115 Broadway Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 206-323-1300

Description: CAPITOL HILL. Choose one of Dick's five locations and return to the days of the '50s when you drive up to this fast food establishment. Burgers, fries, and shakes are ordered and eaten in the very same spot ­ your car. Burgers are always prepared the same way (no special orders accepted), and fries are consistently hot (no kidding). Plus, prices are pleasantly affordable, and the place stays open late.
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700 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101 206-267-7601

Description: BELLTOWN. Enjoy a great meal while helping others when you patronize this local restaurant. Founded as a training ground for homeless people and other disadvantaged groups, FareStart allows its most promising students to prepare gourmet meals as a preface to a career in the culinary arts. The \"cheap eats\" lunch menu features soups, salads, and sandwiches. There's also a selection of hot entrées and desserts. On Thursday, a guest chef leads the enterprise, serving a three-course dinner. Reservations are a must for this weekly event.
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213 N 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103 206-706-9352

Description: GREENWOOD. Expect to wait a bit at this North Seattle Mexican eatery, a popular dining spot for everybody from families and students to construction workers and tourists. Serving what they like to call "healthy Mexican food," Gordita's is an ideal place for those on a tight budget who love massive burritos and delicious tacos. The restaurant's cantina-like atmosphere includes a little bit of everything: piñatas, festive decor, and constant mariachi music.
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Honey Court

516 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 206-292-8828

Description: PIONEER SQUARE. Ideal for those looking for something a bit different that won't break the bank, this Chinese standby in the ID earns high marks from regulars. Honey Court emphasizes quality food, fresh ingredients, and friendly service over the fancy decor you might find at rival places. Specialties include steamed whole tilapia, sautéed fresh squid with broccoli, and shredded squab with crispy lettuce, but what the customers truly adore is honey-walnut prawns. In addition, the dim sum is a terrific lunch option. Weekends after the clubs shut down, Honey Court has been known to stay open even later than usual.
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Huong Binh

1207 Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144 206-720-4907

Description: INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT. This International District eatery makes up for its small interior and lack of decor with heaping portions of enticing Vietnamese noodles and meat dishes. Bring a group of friends to share plates like sizzling stir-frys, loaded with your choice of meat, veggies, nuts, and vermicelli noodles. Spicy beef soup and steamed rice cakes topped with ground shrimp and scallions are also popular, and the wide assortment of sauces and chili pastes that arrive with your meal allow you to customize it. Best of all, a meal at Huong Binh won't break the bank.
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Mae Phim Thai Restaurant

94 Columbia St, Seattle, WA 98104 206-624-2979

Description: DOWNTOWN. While the appearance of this downtown Thai may not earn high marks with finicky diners, the food certainly does. A favorite with the business crowd, due to the kitchen's quick turnaround and the great prices, Mae Phim has entrees that will please most everyone, from seafood to pork to vegetarian. If the lunch line extends out to the sidewalk, don't despair; the staff tends to get its hungry patrons in and out faster than you can say "peanut sauce."
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Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe

6412 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103-5518 206-782-1222

Description: GREENWOOD. Mae's basic premise is: American food served amid cow memorabilia of all kinds. The bovine-themed eatery serves just the kind of dishes you'd expect from America's heartland ­ burgers, homemade soups, and lots of salads. As far as breakfast fare goes, they're famous for "Shake and Eggs" combinations ­ two eggs, hash browns, toast, and a milkshake! Also a great weekend spot; just remember to arrive early to avoid lines.
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Pecos Pit Barbecue

2260 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 206-623-0629

Description: SODO. Trying to figure out where to find the best barbecue on your world travels? This casual eatery should climb its way to the top of your list, as it has that of folks in Seattle. Have them pile a bun full of pork, beef, or ham, and top it off with a drizzle of sauce for the best eating. If you like "hot" foods, just be careful ­ their hot sauce makes others pale in comparison. Along with everthing else, make sure to try the yummy baked beans too. The eatery is essentially an order window with outdoor tables, so don't expect sit-down service. This is barbecue, after all. Near the baseball stadium.
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Pizzeria Pagliacci

550 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 206-285-1232

Description: QUEEN ANNE. If you're in the mood for great pizza, head to Pagliacci's, where you can walk up to the counter and order a pie topped with everything from sun-dried tomatoes to goat cheese and roasted garlic. WIth over 30 toppings to choose from, the pizza menu is sure to have something you'll love. In addition to great pies, the menu features fresh salads and calzones. Leave room for the locally made gelato!
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Saigon Bistro

507 S Weller St, Seattle, WA 98104 206-621-2085

Description: INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT. This friendly restaurant offers an inexpensive lunch option for folks who have little time to spare. Saigon Bistro's food court decor doesn't turn heads, but the traditional Vietnamese fare rarely fails to earn high marks, and duck salad earns particular praise.
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309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 206-621-8772

Description: PIONEER SQUARE. For great Italian sausages, salamis, meatballs, or pork, try Salumi, whose name means "dry-cured meat" in Italian. Meats can be purchased individually as an entree or by the pound as deli take-away. If you prefer a lighter, less meat-intensive meal, order a salad, vegetable dish, or one of their pastas. A comfortable interior with tin ceilings and wooden floors makes guests feel at home, as does a large communal table where guests can share conversation with their meals. Wine is available by the glass or bottle.
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Sisters European Snacks

1530 Post Alley, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA 98101 206-623-6723

Description: DOWNTOWN. This bright, funky eatery dishes up hearty portions of European-inspired fare, from focaccia sandwiches (with roma tomatoes and eggplant, ham and cheese, and more) to soups and salads with international flair. The menu includes many vegetarian selections as well. If you're around for breakfast, indulge in their flatbread sandwiches, which boast perfectly cooked eggs, Black Forest ham, and Tillamook cheddar. The eponymous Jacobi sisters are not only welcoming and friendly, but they're expert cooks to boot!
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Sunlight Cafe

6403 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 206-522-9060

Description: ROOSEVELT. This quirky little eatery may not set many high-water marks in the contemporary decor arena ­ things look to have changed very little since John, Paul, George, and Ringo were kings of the airwaves. However, the place more than makes up for it with its food. Specializing in what the politically correct would no doubt dub '60s-era counter-culture cuisine (hippie eats, that is), the skilled kitchen treats hungry, diet-conscious patrons to things like cheese and veggie quesadillas, grilled tofu burgers, homemade hummus and pita bread, and freshly made soups and salads.
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Tacos Guaymas - Broadway

1415 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 206-860-3871

Description: FIRST HILL. Known for deliciously authentic Mexican dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood, Tacos Guaymas earns high marks all around. Well-received entrees include a gigantor carnitas burrito (served with a generous portion of guacamole), chile verde (pork with spicy tomatillo sauce), and fried tilapia with pico de gallo. Casual, festive atmosphere and great prices also go far to recommend the place.
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Tacos Guaymas - Greenlake

6808 E Greenlake Way N, Seattle, WA 98115 206-729-6563

Description: NORTH METRO. Known for deliciously authentic Mexican dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood, Tacos Guaymas earns high marks all around. Well-received entrees include a gigantor carnitas burrito served with a generous portion of guacamole, chile verde (pork with spicy tomatillo sauce), and fried tilapia with pico de gallo. Casual, festive atmosphere and great prices also go far to recommend the place.
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Uptown China

200 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 206-285-7710

Description: QUEEN ANNE. Convenient to the Seattle Center, this understated little Chinese joint has made quite a name for itself in Queen Anne circles thanks to its terrific prices and tasty Mandarin fare. At lunchtime, especially, the place stays packed, with the hungry clientele enjoying everything from moo shu pork to kung pao chicken (all combinations come with rice and an eggroll).
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