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The best in urban recreation, arts and culture, sports, dining and shopping is just outside our front doors in downtown Seattle. Outdoor activities abound both in and around the city, including biking, hiking, skiing, boating and whale watching and many more. Seattle is a city with a strong culture of the arts, offering symphony, opera, ballet and professional theatre.

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A thriving music scene exists here, with local and national acts playing in small clubs and major event venues. Seattle also hosts national sports teams, including football, baseball, soccer and women’s basketball.

The city offers an array of annual events that are locally and nationally appealing, drawing huge crowds year after year. The Boat Show, Bite of Seattle, Seafair Festival, Pride Parade, Bumbershoot music festival, Northwest Folklife Festival and numerous film festivals are a tribute to Seattle’s cultural diversity.

Foodies and casual diners alike will delight in Seattle’s culinary offerings. Waterfront dining, informal bistros, historic restaurants, stall vendors at Pike Place Market and the mobile truck trend have all contributed to a city known for excellent cuisine and memorable dining experiences. Award-winning chefs and restaurants abound in each of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle! You may find the following resources helpful as you plan your stay.

Guide - Attractions - Zoos

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

5400 N Pearl St, Tacoma, WA 98407 253-591-5337

Description: TACOMA. The novelty of seeing land animals and marine creatures in one place makes Point Defiance an attractive prospect. Its 29 acres are divided into themed areas like Rocky Shores/Tundra, Wild Wonders, North Pacific Aquarium, and Asian Forest Sanctuary, which features endangered primates and tigers in an approximation of their natural habitats. Rare beluga whales are also a draw. Free parking, spectacular views of surrounding scenery, and plenty of eating and shopping options keep happy visitors coming back.
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Woodland Park Zoo

5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 206-548-2500

Description: GREENLAKE. Woodland Park Zoo, spread across 65 acres, houses more than 1000 animals from 290 species and draws over a million visitors annually. Exhibits mimic natural habitats, creating a lush, forest-like setting. Popular exhibits include Bug World (walkingsticks, beetles, and ants, oh my!), elephant forest, African savanna, snow leopards, and jaguars. Many indoor exhibits and viewing shelters are also available should the weather be uncooperative. Plenty of cafes and food kiosks can be found too, or you may bring a picnic lunch to enjoy.
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