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The best in urban recreation, arts and culture, sports, dining and shopping is just outside our front doors in downtown Seattle. Outdoor activities abound both in and around the city, including biking, hiking, skiing, boating and whale watching and many more. Seattle is a city with a strong culture of the arts, offering symphony, opera, ballet and professional theatre.

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A thriving music scene exists here, with local and national acts playing in small clubs and major event venues. Seattle also hosts national sports teams, including football, baseball, soccer and women’s basketball.

The city offers an array of annual events that are locally and nationally appealing, drawing huge crowds year after year. The Boat Show, Bite of Seattle, Seafair Festival, Pride Parade, Bumbershoot music festival, Northwest Folklife Festival and numerous film festivals are a tribute to Seattle’s cultural diversity.

Foodies and casual diners alike will delight in Seattle’s culinary offerings. Waterfront dining, informal bistros, historic restaurants, stall vendors at Pike Place Market and the mobile truck trend have all contributed to a city known for excellent cuisine and memorable dining experiences. Award-winning chefs and restaurants abound in each of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle! You may find the following resources helpful as you plan your stay.

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Downtown / Belltown

Between Elliott and 5th, Virginia and Denny, Seattle, WA

Description: BELLTOWN. Business people crowd the sidewalks of Seattle's bustling downtown during the day while clubbers take the night shift. An incredible variety of restaurants, theaters, bars, galleries, and shops can be found here, as can City Centre, one of Seattle's most popular malls. Seattle's heartbeat, the Pike Place historic district, inundates visitors with sights, sounds, smells, and the best people watching in town. Whether in suits or tie-dyed t-shirts, wearing boutonnieres or strewn with wildflowers, people of all persuasions find the market a fabulous place to spend the day.
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465 N 36th St, north of Queen Anne and east of Ballard, Seattle, WA 98103 206-632-1500

Description: FREMONT. Entering this neighborhood, you're greeted by a sign that says, "Welcome to the Center of the Universe." Thanks to its bohemian culture, Fremont is often considered a sister to Paris's Left Bank. Some of Seattle's most famous public artwork can be found here as well, including "Waiting for the Interurban," the Fremont Troll, and a statue of Vladimir Lenin. The area continues to accumulate new restaurants, cultural venues, and unique boutiques.
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International District

4th Ave S at S Jackson St, East of Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA 98104 206-382-1197

Description: INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT. The International District, or the "ID," was originally settled in the 1880s by a group of Chinese railroad workers. Since that time, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean cultures have come together to form the Asian-American district of Seattle. The area also boasts a plethora of delicious Asian restaurants and authentic shops well worth your time and a visit. Particularly noteworthy is Uwajimaya, an enormous market where you can find everything from arts and crafts to live fish to fresh produce and herbs.
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Pike Place Market

1st Ave at Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101 206-682-7453

Description: DOWNTOWN. It could be argued quite persuasively that Pike Place Market is Seattle's heartbeat. Situated along the water, the market was originally founded to allow produce growers to sell directly to consumers. Today, it's a protected historic district that inundates you with sights, sounds, smells, and the best people-watching in town. Whether in suits or tie-dyed t-shirts, wearing boutonnieres or strewn with wildflowers, people of all persuasions find the market a fabulous place to spend the day. The Market Foundation offers fun and informational tours Wednesdays to Saturdays, starting at the Market Heritage Center at 1531 Western Avenue.
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Pioneer Square

119 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 206-667-0687

Description: Pioneer Square was one of the first permanent settlements in the area and still maintains a connection to the Old West. This area of Seattle is loaded in history, and ­ nowadays ­ boutiques and restaurants. The streets are often filled with patrons of the arts, who bustle off to one of the Square's many galleries, or with tourists, who meander from place to place, taking in a little history as they go.
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Queen Anne

Seattle, WA

Description: QUEEN ANNE. The Queen Anne neighborhood is full of Victorian-era mansions, complete with wrap-around porches and breathtaking mountain views. The area, settled by those who got wealthy in the Alaska Gold Rush, takes its name from the mansions' prevailing architecture. Today, the once-quiet district has as many restaurants and entertainment venues as other areas of the city, and visitors find it a veritable treasure trove of shopping. Even so, Queen Anne still holds on to its splendor and easy majesty.
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University District

University Way, Seattle, WA 98105 206-547-4417

Description: UNIVERSITY DISTRICT. The University District, as full of young faces as you would expect, features plenty of shopping venues, restaurants, cafés, and cultural centers. The area was also the site of the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition in 1909; a few of the buildings constructed then are still in use today. Aside from the gorgeous campus, the district offers museums, libraries, comedy clubs, and bars for day and evening entertainment. In addition, the area boasts a farmers market and a veritable cornucopia of unique stores and boutiques.
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