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The best in urban recreation, arts and culture, sports, dining and shopping is just outside our front doors in downtown Seattle. Outdoor activities abound both in and around the city, including biking, hiking, skiing, boating and whale watching and many more. Seattle is a city with a strong culture of the arts, offering symphony, opera, ballet and professional theatre.

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A thriving music scene exists here, with local and national acts playing in small clubs and major event venues. Seattle also hosts national sports teams, including football, baseball, soccer and women’s basketball.

The city offers an array of annual events that are locally and nationally appealing, drawing huge crowds year after year. The Boat Show, Bite of Seattle, Seafair Festival, Pride Parade, Bumbershoot music festival, Northwest Folklife Festival and numerous film festivals are a tribute to Seattle’s cultural diversity.

Foodies and casual diners alike will delight in Seattle’s culinary offerings. Waterfront dining, informal bistros, historic restaurants, stall vendors at Pike Place Market and the mobile truck trend have all contributed to a city known for excellent cuisine and memorable dining experiences. Award-winning chefs and restaurants abound in each of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle! You may find the following resources helpful as you plan your stay.

Guide - Nightlife - Live Entertainment

88 Keys

315 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 206-839-1300

Description: PIONEER SQUARE. Shrinking violets, beware: With two dueling piano players, a raucous atmosphere, and audience participation near 100%, 88 Keys is a great place to let loose. Musicians keep things boisterous with witty banter, good-natured ribbing, and familiar tunes that all seem to be crowd favorites. Get your courage up with tube or jello shots or a good old-fashioned mixed bucket of beers. A mainstay of younger crowds, the bar also pulls in business travelers on the quest for a good time.
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Can Can

94 Pike St, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA 98101 206-652-0832

Description: DOWNTOWN. A relative newcomer to the Seattle scene, this high-energy venue provides a little bit of everything ­ cabaret-style performances, cocktails enlivened with freshly-squeezed fruit juices, and an ambitious menu of inventive appetizers and entrees. In-house dance troupe The Contábellas alternate waitressing duties with rousing performances; afterwards, a variety of live music can be heard. Detailed, frilly costuming and a Parisian fin de siècle atmosphere add to an evening's enjoyment.
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Century Ballroom

915 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122 206-324-7263

Description: CAPITOL HILL. Sit back and enjoy salsa and swing music and dancing performances, or join in the dancing yourself (after a brief lesson, of course); Century Ballroom affords the opportunity to do both. An extensive schedule of dance classes means you can cultivate your craft beforehand; alternatively, quick lessons are frequently offered before the action gets going on most evenings. Occasionally, the dance floor clears and energetic musical acts take to the stage. At shows, a minimum food charge of $10 per person applies.
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Jet City

5510 University Way NE, University Theater, Seattle, WA 98105 206-352-8291

Description: UNIVERSITY DISTRICT. One of the city's premiere venues for improv comedy, Jet City features a widely talented cast whose wit is as quick as its tongue, leading to numerous pithy quips made at the expense of unsuspecting audience members. The "average" show features six performers who utilize suggestions from the audience to improvise a hilarious montage of quirky scenes, games, and songs that keep the crowd laughing from beginning to end. Although shows are always scheduled on Friday and Saturday nights, additional shows are sometimes offered on other nights too, so call ahead.
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1509 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 206-324-5358

Description: CAPITOL HILL. In previous years, this club was one of Seattle's best venues for dancing, and although the competition has increased, Neighbours still offers a good time. Many of its patrons are gay, but many are also straight, now that the place has mellowed and expanded its reach. Thanks to a large dance floor, clubbers show off their moves with abandon, shaking and gyrating to everything from techno and disco to R&B and even the pop tunes that everyone disavows but loves nonetheless. Everyone's welcome, and you're certain to see a wide variety of patrons. After all, fun has no boundaries.
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Paramount Theatre

911 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101 206-682-1414

Description: DOWNTOWN. Dating to the late 19th century, this venue has been restored to the glory it knew as a movie theater in the 1920s. These days, you can catch acts as diverse as Boyz II Men and David Bowie, and there's even the odd speaking engagement ­ Dr. Maya Angelou, for example, has made an appearance. Enjoy the sumptuous, gilt-edged surroundings as you take in a show. If dancing is called for, the seating area quickly converts to a stunning hardwood ballroom floor.
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1114 Howell St, Seattle, WA 98101 206-233-9873

Description: BELLTOWN. Dim and atmospheric, this venue presents entertainment in a variety of guises. Most frequently, the place is a dance club, spinning hip-hop and disco from its repertoire of musical genres. At other times, Re-bar hosts theater performances; notable productions try to expand cultural ground, and some put a contemporary ­ and often gay ­ spin on classic works. From time to time, you'll also find live bands playing. The crowd is a diverse mix of gay, straight, lesbian, and artistic types who are certain to provide a fresh atmosphere and a cool combination of fun.
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