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Fall Events in Seattle

Things To Do In the Rain

October is here and with that comes the onset of fall in Seattle! Many Seattleites are welcoming the rain with open arms, others not so much. The days of hot sunny weather, swimming at the beach, and lounging shirtless in our lawn chairs are behind us. Regardless, we are happily marching into the rainy season! Interestingly enough Seattle has adapted to the wet weather quite well, offering a wide variety of indoor activities you can enjoy any day of the week.
On a rainy day when you leave the grand double doors of our hotel, equipped with your Ändra umbrella you may think to yourself, “What do I do? Where do I go?” Luckily you have the luxury of having a seasoned Seattleite to guide you on your rainy day adventures!
Once you leave our beautiful lobby, take a left out of our doors and head down 4 blocks to Pike Street and turn right. Stroll 4 more blocks down and you have arrived at our first destination, Pike Place Market. On a rainy day it is easy to lose yourself in this labyrinth of unique shops and vendors. To energize yourself for before heading into the Pike Place gallows, stop at Storyville Coffee located on the top floor of the corner building at First and Pike. This trendy underground coffee shop is the Seattle coffee connoisseur’s best kept secret. We are sure you’ve had plenty of Starbucks already.
After your coffee break, head downstairs back to the famous Pike Place Fish Market and watch some big boys throw some big fish just inches from your face! From that point explore the market at until your heart is content, we won’t spoil the adventure for you, we prefer you discover Pike Place Market’s many offerings for yourself.
After meandering around the market, start heading towards the waterfront where the Seattle Aquarium awaits you! Once you get in out of the rain, prepare to dive into a world of exotic marine life including seals, otters, Puget Sound fish, giant pacific octopus, and ocean oddities. The kids will enjoy the hands on touch pool and tide pool exhibits! Once you’ve concluded your aquatic experience head back into the city for some shopping!
Westlake and Pacific Place malls are located on Pine Street between 4th and 6th Avenues. This is the heart of the downtown shopping destination where you can indulge yourself on retail therapy for hours on end! Once you’ve satisfied your shopping cravings, head on up to the 3rd floor of the Westlake mall and catch the monorail to the Seattle Center.

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