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The Life of a Group


Ever wonder how a group comes to fruition after the initial contract is signed lining out the guestroom block and event space needs? It’s a complex web that includes multiple departments that work together to ensure our guests needs and expectations are met beyond measure.

Starting out in our sales department, our Sales Manager works with our Revenue Manager to input the group into our reservations systems to guarantee their guests rooms are reserved at the correct group rate and any guest room requests are met. As the groups arrival date approaches, our Sales Manager creates a group resume. A packet of information used to communicate with the other departments all the ins and outs of this particular group. Once each department receives the group resume, the magic begins. Housekeeping goes to work to confirm all guest room details are perfect. Our front desk staff works to guarantee any specific room needs (early arrival, welcome amenities, etc.) Our Catering team has worked diligently with the group’s main contact to create the perfect menu, room set-up and audiovisual needs to certify your group events needs are secure and comfortable for the duration of their stay. Our doorman is poised and ready to greet your guests as they enter our downtown Seattle hotel with a warm smile while our concierge is on hand to answer any questions your guests may have regarding our great city. 


As you can see, a lot of behind the scenes work goes into preparing for our group’s arrival. But, Team Umlaut wouldn’t have it any other way. We strive to consistently provide the highest level of service that goes above and beyond and with each new group that stays at our luxury hotel in Seattle, we are able to use our hospitality powers to do just that!

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